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Can I Retire With $385,000? How much do I need to retire? This calculator estimates how long your savings will last in retirement. Use this as a starting point and also speak with a financial planner.

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This calculator helps to estimate how much you need to retire. Can you retire with $385,000? Will $385k be enough? Try changing the values in the calculator box. Notice how small changes in investment return or inflation can have a huge impact on retirement expectations.

In can be difficult to determine retirement needs. In reality, anything can happen. The best option is to estimate how much you need, try to save more than that, and hope for the best. A visit to a financial planner might be a good option, although most try to take 1% or more of your savings annually as a fee.

For the average person, the best investments are those that limit taxes and fees. Simply investing in an index fund or etf of the S&P might be best. Take part in any employer contributions to your IRA or 401k.

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